The beginning of the PSL&V layout

Train room is coming together now after all these years. I will be starting benchwork construction soon.

Tiling the room was a big job. It will keep the concrete floor from dusting and finish the room.

Pueblo Roundhouse building "A "Crain building 15 stalls

This is the mock-up of the 1909 building.

 I'm using the Walthers 130' turntable instead of a 100' that was on the plans I found.

This view of the 1909 roundhouse is 5' across. Here you can see the entrances between buildings, A and B. Building C which is almost half the area will be cutout to allow viewing and the isle-way.   

the roundhouse is 5' across. Here you see A &B buildings.

Challenger locomotive on the 130'turntable gives you an idea of how big this engine house will be.


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