D&RGW L-131 class locomotive on the turntable at  Pueblo roundhouse late 1930's.

 This is a HO scale model railroad that is set in 1930's thru the late 1950's. This allows for transition from steam to diesel. This also lets me set Pueblo in the late 50's and Florence in the 30's. The railroad runs from Pueblo to Florence CO. The D&RGW R.R. will still interchange with the F&CC R.R. at Florence. On my railroad I have not allowed the F&CC line to be shut down after the  July 21, 1912  flood in the Phantom Canyon that washed away 12 bridges and three miles of track. The cost of repair was estimated at 70,000.00 to 110,00.00 dollars, which the railroad felt was to great. The shareholders dissolved the F&CCRR on April 27th 1915.   My short line called the "Pueblo Salt Lake & Victor" has taken over ownership of the line. The Washed-out section was rebuilt and the line was re-opened. 

 The lines main focus will Include Pueblo with a representation of the 1906, 49 stall roundhouse. Also the Colorado Fuel and iron steel mill will be represented. At Florence the narrow gauge connection with a dual gauge yard will be built. The HOn3 line will run to the second level towards Victor Colorado to the gold mines.

The Santa Fe will also be running on the line. At Florence the ATSF R.R. will still be running the Coal Creek Branch to the coal mines south of Florence. This will be a loads in and out operation.

You are welcome to join me on my journey thru construction of the layout room thru the running of the first trains. Golden spike on the standard gauge should be around this time next year if all goes as planned. This Web Site will be updated continuously and you are more than welcome to join me on this adventure.

Phillip Serviss 

Updated 03/19/18

Construction on the layout room is almost finished. Pictures are being posted now.

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