I have started the roster pictures. Scroll down.

My 1931 Ford AA truck to be used in the building of the right-of-way and the Superintendents 1929 Tudor Ford. With this modern iron we can get the job done!

 D&RGW L-107 series locomotive.  Walthers Proto 2000

Some weathering and she will be ready to go. A little photo shop really pops the picture!

 D&RGW L-132 / United PFM

I believe that the PFM model produced as a L-131 is really a L-132. By looking at all the pictures I can get my hands on it seems that the 131's have more external feed water system piping than the 132's. The 132's firemans side pipes go into the smoke box almost right  away. It seems as the second series of engines had the feed water system incorporated into the design better.

 D&RGW    L-131 #'s 3600 to 3609

 D&RGW     L-132  #'s 3610 to 3619


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